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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EXERCISE: My Destiny Awaits

No words people. My new video speaks for itself. This is the "Exercise." Thank you & You're Welcome.

Link to Video Birdie Childs - Exercise

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello. Thank You. You're Welcome

The Exercise is Finally Here!!!!! After a year of hard work & dedication, I've finally release my work of art. Since the release, i have got nothing but positive feed back about how talented i am, & how well this compilation of music was put together. I am very proud of my self of what i have done and here to say this is only the beginning of my quest. I plan to keep working on my craft, getting better with every project. So if this your first time hearing my music, Hello. If you have always listened to my music, just now taking the time to, supported me threw the years, or just checked me out cause somebody told you too, Thank You. To the world i have blessed my music and god given talent too, You're Welcome. Birdie Childs - "The Exercise: Never Have Regrets" Mixtape Link []

For the love and support given from all the people that retweeted, post, text, called, told, etc, about my mix tape, this post is dedicated to you. I want to say thank you and show my graditude by showing the world the love you gave me. Here all some of those people. If i missed your name please charge my head, not my heart. Thank You!!!!